About Us

Since 2009, Threads of the Tropic have been redefining elegance to the home décor and Resort Wear industry. Because we know that a beautiful and relaxing house is key to getting you to want to go home every time, we have deployed the full depth of our creativity to deliver a blend of sophistication and resort style to our home décor ideas just to inspire you every single time. Our mandate is pure and simple and our commitment is unambiguous; it is to provide you with an online catalogue of the most exquisite home décor ideas that allows you recreate paradise, mirroring a resort style living. Our blends of colors are fresh becoming even more breathtaking than the last time.

Just a click on our site and you are immediately signed on to a breathtaking array of the finest home decoration ideas, elegance and great attention to details, cutting edge solutions and excellent customer service. We keep you hooked by the depth of our craft, delivering every single time that you ask, a pure and distinctive class act!

Elegance Redefined

Our idea of elegance is a blend of functionality and sophistication. We have dedicated a healthy amount of time in picking every single fabric that adorns our shelf and the pure class that defines each material is an effort by the best fashion minds that you can get anywhere. We have created a line of timeless, simple, elegant and classic clothing designs for your everyday casual comfort. Whatever the theme is; whether going to the beach or a garden wedding, or just your casual everyday stroll to the grocery or even that dinner, our fabric ideas is designed to ensure that you dazzle your way through all of it.

While you pack your bag for that getaway or family vacation, make our fabric an ever present fashion accessory and you can be sure of a breathable, stylish and elegant material that not only puts you out in front but at the center of attention.

Our Signature Fiber

Our model when it comes to fashion is creating a classy look that checks off the requirements of luxury and comfort. That is why overtime, we have come to be defined by our signature material – linen. Celebrated as a longtime favorite by clients with varied tastes and fashion ideas, linen stacks the odds in your favor. Thanks to its combination of simplicity, soft feel, elegance and breathability, linen is sure to steal your heart and hold others hooked in their admiration.

Coupled with the vibrancy of our colors, we have topped our incredible fashion rendition with a sublime finish, So that now, you can navigate the workplace, a tropical vacation or even a stroll to the grocery store with an extra spring to your bold steps.