Purchase Policy

The very best in business are agreed on one point: that the best guaranty/warranty is one you do not have to use. We understand, however, that there are times when your choice for a particular product may have omitted an important dynamic or may not sit well with the overall impression you are trying to create with your décor and fashion choices. At other times, you may be unsure that the color would coalesce into the perfect aesthetic blend that you are brewing. Also, some fabrics may seemingly have natural imperfections that to the untrained eyes may come across as a defect; for example: Authentic African mud cloth, knots in linen etc.

It is for times like this – when the piece of the aesthetic puzzle does not exactly fit and there is a chink in the armor of sophistication – that our purchase policy is designed. So that our idea of making a sale is a complete and absolute satisfaction with our products. Until then, Threads of the Tropic have got you covered with an array of options that are tailor made just for you.

Product Switch/Exchanges

Threads of the Tropic product switch/exchange option is a signification of our belief that we have covered various tastes and interests. So that we are convinced that every product is destined to have its buyer and a switch only means making available the returned material to other buyers of a different taste. Thus, we have a flexible product switch policy that allows you exchange a product for another one that presently commands your fancy. Based on availability, we are even invested in ensuring that your new choice sets sail separately while we await the return of the material you are changing; all in a bid to avoid further delay of your merchandise.

Save for a few exceptions, we are ready to ensure a successful exchange, regardless of the reason. The exceptions includes;

  • Discounted items are final and cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Returned items must not show visible signs of wear or use
  • Items must be properly handled to avoid creases, dirt and to retain their brand new appearance.
  • Returned items must retain tags and be encased in original packaging
  • Items must be returned within 4 days from the delivery date
  • To initiate an exchange, prior email of your request should be sent with description of the product including pictures or videos to enable us determine any issues that may be connected to the exchange, including appropriate replacements.

If you would like to exchange the item for a different size or a different item all together, we will waive the shipping cost to help you. Upon receipt we will credit or charge the difference for your new product.


Threads of the Tropic are even more enthusiastic than you are about delivering the exact match to your imaginations and we do not indulge in half measures. Being at the forefront of providing bespoke, colorful materials of the highest quality, we spare no efforts in making sure that your bright ideas are followed through to a tee. We are aware that there may be times when a requested exchange or replacement may not be easily effected owing to a number of factors including availability. In times like this, the most expedient response may come down to effecting a refund. To be eligible for a refund, the request must meet the following conditions;

  • Merchandise must not have been worn, used, altered or washed
  • The item must retain all original tags and labels.
  • An original receipt or gift receipt must be provided with the returned item.
  • All expenses for returning the item must be borne fully by the customer.
  • To initiate a return, prior email of your request should be sent to us to enable us make necessary arrangements towards making a refund.
  • Refunds are credited via the same payment method used in making the original purchase.
  • A refund period of between 2-4 business days is expected for funds to be credited to you.
  • Items must be returned within a 4 day period from date of delivery to be eligible for refund.
  • The item must not have been used or tampered with and all packaging must be intact
  • An exchange followed by a subsequent request for refunds may be categorized as attracting further consideration, at which time, we reserve the discretion to refuse such requests.
  • Only original purchasers of a product reserve the right to request for a refund. Third party purchasers of a product or indirect purchases do not attract refund considerations.


Threads of the Tropic take pride in the efficiency and seamless coordination of all logistic components to our business. Like clockwork, we focus on ensuring that your requests arrive in record time, ensuring we retain your confidence and loyalty. We ship all merchandise via USPS within 1-3 business days.

To ensure our craft and exquisite services are at your disposal and that you can enjoy the creativity of our collections wherever you are, we have dissolved any barriers of distance and geography, shipping to all 50 states and U. S territories. We also undertake international shipping at additional costs.

Dispute Resolution

Threads of the Tropic do not intend that any challenges would arise in our business relationship and indeed consider this section as a mere surplusage. However, where there are any disagreements with regards to this policy, parties must explore mediation as the dispute resolution mechanism of choice.